Welcome to my blog, such as it is. Thanks for stopping by. If you haven’t guessed already, I’m new at this author business. But that’s not to say I am a complete noob. I assume that you are here because you wanted to find out more about me, for whatever reason, so here’s the deal. This is my third foray into the world of writing. Like pretty much every other person in this field, a wrote stories and read stories as I went through school. Then reality happened and I let the fiction side of my life fade into the background.

In my early thirties, I rekindled my dreams of creating stories. This was fueled by a reawakened love of bad novels. I read pretty much everything King and Koontz wrote, as well as Tolkien, Lovecraft, Bradbury, and a big stack of Weird Tales Magazines. I put together a little writer’s club, just three of us, and started producing fiction – a smattering of short stories, a really fun little Novella called The Time Weaver’s Wager, and half of an alien invasion novel.

Then, due to some personal tragedies and significant financial issues, I was no longer able to pursue a career as an author. It has been my experience that for me to write well, I need to spend a couple hours in front of my key board every day, and be mentally engaged in the story much more than that. I just didn’t have the time or brain power to give my craft what it needed to flourish. So, for a second time, I put it to the side.

But, I didn’t put it away completely. One of the other author’s from my club, we’ll call her “Martha Blackwell,” (she doesn’t want her audience to know she associates with me, can’t say that I blame her) went on to attain moderate fame and a small following in the indie fiction world. I have been her beta reader/official writer buddy for the last six years. I help her polish her stories and she helps me stay abreast of the world of fiction writing. She also has helped me hold on to the dream of someday being a real writer.

Because of her encouragement and because of some very exciting things happening in the writing world, last October I picked up my digital pen and once again began creating stories. I hacked out a couple of cute little tales about spouse-i-cide and live burials. That was fun. But when I started writing my novel, I got really excited.

The first draft of my novel is now complete, under the working title “Sisters of Sorrow”. Martha read it. Based on her experience, she told me A) that it will sell a lot of copies, and B) that it needs a lot of work. Thanks Martha.

Anyway, that’s me, Axel Blackwell. Pleased to make your acquaintance. I look forward to our future visits.





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