New Fiction, Coming Soon!

Coming soon to a kindle near you!


“Would you give your life for a second chance?”
Glen McClay sits on a fallen log by the railroad trestle, watching for his girlfriend’s ghost. Fifteen years ago, Connie Salvatore was savagely murdered here. Glen has spent his life seeking redemption, haunted by the knowledge that he might have been able save her.
The time has come to let go of his past and move on with his life. But as he prepares to do so, an old friend offers Glen the redemption he has always sought – a chance to relive that horrible night and change the past. All he has to do… is die.


The Timeweaver’s Wager will be published March 25. I am currently assembling an ARC reader team. So, if you want a free book in exchange for a review at Amazon, let me know and I’ll hook you up.


The Timeweaver's Wager

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